Bayswater targetted: Climate group calls out ALP on coal power promise

Members of climate action group,, have today targetted the Bayswater Power Station, near Muswellbrook, unfurling a large banner reading “Rule Out New Coal Power” across the entrance to the facility.

The group is calling on the government to respect a pre-election promise to not build another dirty power station as it considers setting emissions performance standards for the coal industry.

If the Bayswater B power station goes ahead, Julia Gillard will have failed to deliver on her election promise to the Australian people,” spokesperson
Jonathan Moylan said.

Before the last election, Julia Gillard promised that she would “never allow a highly inefficient and dirty power station to be built again in Australia.” In May, a new highly inefficient and dirty power station was approved in Victoria.

Twelve new dirty power stations are awaiting approval across the country, including the Bayswater B project here at Muswellbrook,” Mr. Moylan said.

Macquarie Generation is by far the worst carbon polluter in Australia. We are stunned at the continued investment in filthy coal power, despite viable alternatives,” Mr. Moylan said.

Macquarie’s continued resistance to the will of most Australians is a frustration to all of us who want to see a transition to a sustainable future.”

Bayswater B will add almost another half to Macquarie’s already unacceptably high emissions.”

For comment please contact Jonathan Moylan on 0431 289 766.

Photos are available on request.

Images from the Mine Blockade

Images by Charlotte Buckton


Coal Subsidies Provoke Mine Blockade

Trucks back on the road as climber blockades tunnel (Photo: Charlotte Buckton 2011)

30 May, 2011

Members of climate action group have today stopped coal leaving Xstrata’s West Wallsend underground mine. A climber is suspended in a tunnel entrance on a haul road, used for transferring coal to the port.

The group is concerned about heavily polluting mining companies such as Xstrata astuce clash of clans gemmes demanding a free ride on pollution from coal mines under the carbon tax while the industry receives billions of dollars in public subsidies spokesperson Jonathan Moylan said that the coal industry hurt local industries and was the biggest human cause of climate change.

“Australians are sick of paying for our climate to be jeopardised by outdated industries like coal,” Mr. Moylan said.

Coal mining companies receive hundreds of millions of dollars in fuel tax credits from the federal government every year.

“Diesel subsidies are lining the pockets of rich coal companies at the expense of every other industry in the Hunter. Few realise that our biggest polluters are paying 38 cents per litre less than Australians pay at the bowser.”

“It’s time for Xstrata to stop crying poor and get off the public purse,” Mr. Moylan said.

The CEO of Swiss-based Xstrata was paid $14 million in 2009, which is equivalent to 129 miners median wage.

Xstrata emits over 6 million tonnes of carbon per year within Australia, in addition to their much greater emissions from exports, making it one of Australia’s top 20 carbon polluters.

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Jonathan Moylan
0431 289 766

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There is no Planet B! is a grassroots action group of ordinary people based in the Hunter Valley, Australia. We freely dedicate our time to taking action in defence of our planet and the environmental rights of all. We are particularly focused on the climate crisis, with escalating greenhouse pollution from fossil fuel companies threatening our future, impacting first and foremost on those across the globe who have caused the least pollution. Today, the world’s least privileged are also facing false solutions to climate change, such as carbon trading, offsets, unconventional resource extraction, monoculture plantations and the nuclear industry, all of which carry a heavy environmental cost.

Newcastle, the world’s biggest coal export port, is the climate change capital of the world and is doubling in size. This unprecedented coal expansion is costing us our health, damaging local industries such as agriculture, manufacturing and wineries, undermining our rivers and polluting our climate. Never before have so many people been calling for an end to coal expansion.

We join a growing chorus of people across Australia and around the globe calling for climate justice – real action on climate change that does not create more inequality or let polluting corporations off the hook. This includes phasing out fossil fuels in favour of community-controlled renewable energy, protecting our forests, recycling metals, food sovereignty and repaying our ecological debt to the boom beach hacks Global South

Polluting companies have never accepted any action that threatens their extraordinary profits. Our survival has never had a greater cost. But history shows us that when ordinary people take action, extraordinary things can happen. We are committed to non-violent action in the tradition of the civil rights movement, the suffragettes and the eight-hour movement.

We recognise the sovereignty of the original owners of this land who have cared for it for millenia.

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